Nutrition Tips to Fight Acne


For centuries, most young people (with the exception of some adults) struggle to get rid of those red spots that appear on the face and are commonly known as acne. Acne not only weighs on a person's self-confidence, but also makes them feel ugly and unattractive. What many people do not realize is that acne is actually a situation caused primarily by the lack of proper nutrition. Thus, the problem can be greatly reduced by following proper nutritional advice and taking good care of the skin.

It is known that acne usually affects most adolescents. In fact, teenagers indulge most often in bad eating habits that do not meet the nutritional needs of their body. Teens who follow good nutritional advice and who follow a diet rich in nutrients essential for healthy skin are less prone to acne.

Contribution of a diet rich in vitamin A, zinc and vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3, essential fatty acids are essential not only to maintain skin nourished and free of infection, but also for heal wounds and scars quickly and eliminate toxic elements. Following simple nutrition tips can really do a lot to keep your skin free of all kinds of infections and buildup of impurities that could lead to pore blockage and the creation of skin. acne.

and in the shelter of acne, there is increased consumption of high-fiber foods. Increasing the consumption of liquids such as water and fruit juices, while reducing the consumption of alcohol, coffee and other high-sugar drinks can also help to fight against acne.

to keep the skin healthy and fight against acne.


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