Office Christmas Party – The Holiday Drag!


Office Christmas Party is often a big holiday trouble. An event that most employees feel obliged to attend but little appreciate. It's time to break the crappy celebration cycle! With a little creativity and imagination, your office Christmas party can be an event that business staff look forward to every year.

Let's start with some more recent planning ideas. If your business is a small or medium business, a shared party is a great option. Like-minded or complementary businesses share the venue and the expenses. A shared Christmas party will inject this "new and different" element into your adventure. Guests will meet new people and establish professional connections. the companies will share the expenses, which will make it a win-win event for all. The shared parties can be organized by holiday planning agencies who usually know what types of businesses mix well . Another option for hosting a shared party is to team up with vendors or customers with whom your business members interact regularly.

Themes can be very useful for creating a party atmosphere. The theme of your party should match the profile of your company and staff. Most of your employees are in their twenties and thirties? A party atmosphere with an emphasis on music, dance and drink makes the deal. is in his thirties and 40s or more a celebration focused on a wonderful culinary experience followed by light music and dancing is a good option. Maybe your staff is very family oriented? An event that includes children with family-type games and activ ities would be a good option. Consider two smaller type celebrations – a Santa Claus breakfast for families and a night of music and dance for everyone.

Christmas holidays should not be limited to holiday themes. Getting a little creativity with different themes can make a good night. There are a number of great party themes that will create a fun and festive party atmosphere without the old worn red and green decor. Some great theme ideas are:

  • Rio Carnival
  • Las Vegas Casino
  • Futuristic Fantasy
  • 20s Speakeasy
  • Murder Murder
  • 60, 70 or 80
  • Treasure Hunt [19659006] Indoor Sports Party
  • Talent Show
  • There are hundreds of good party ideas with activities and events that perfectly follow the theme for the party to start and continue until the last call. Professional party planners can help you choose a party theme for your crowd and coordinate activities, refreshments and events for the celebration.

    Another option to ensure the success of Christmas is to let your staff choose their own party. Giving your staff members party options to vote is a great way to boost participation and ensure a good time. Establish a poll with party options and let your staff vote for the preferred party type by the majority.

    Whatever the theme and venue chosen, there are a number of activities that can add to the party. A traveling photographer can put guest photos with fun sayings in a presentation that is run throughout the party. Activities, games and contests always add to the party. Management could offer childhood photos to the guest in order to guess who is who. The door prizes with a good price are a good way to keep an air of excitement while waiting to see who wins the jackpot.

    If your office Christmas party is a more intimate affair, there are a number of fun group games to keep the party interesting. Games are an important part of any party or celebration. Try some of these holiday games:

    Christmas Gift Exchange Every guest brings a wrapped Christmas gift to exchange. The players then each draw a hat number. Whoever leaves first chooses and opens one of the gifts. The number 2 player will then have the option to "steal" this gift or to choose and open another gift. As the game continues, players with the highest numbers will be able to choose from open gifts or a new gift. This game is very fun!

    Christmas Treasure Hunt Create a list of clues for Christmas themed items hidden in the party area. Guests must first resolve the clue, then search for the item. The first person to find all the items on the list wins. This is a great game for teams or departments for lightweight competition.

    Christmas Carol Game Sit the players in a circle and start by having the first person to sing the first line of a Christmas song or popular Christmas carol. The next player has to sing the second line of the song. The game continues until a player does not know the next line of the song. This person is then "out" and the players can start again with a new song. You can ask players to refer to lyrics sheets of songs if they contain questions about the correct words of the songs.

    May your Christmas party be a grand sumptuous affair or a small, intimate party; a little creativity, planning and imagination will make it an event that everyone looks forward to.


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