Old Home Foundation Repair


As a house ages, it will eventually need to be repaired and maintained. One of the most important parts of an old house in which you need to pay special attention is the foundation. If damage develops on this part of the house, it can turn into a very expensive repair job.

Possible Causes:

As a house ages, the materials from which it is created are also. These will weaken with age, making them more vulnerable to damage. This damage can be caused by many factors, all exacerbated by the age of the house. Routine maintenance of this part of the house is essential for you to avoid aggravating the repair of foundations.

Another factor that could cause damage to an old home is water damage. If you have leaks from your pipes or sewer pipes, they could harm your foundation. Unfortunately, water damage can sometimes be difficult to detect until it is already too late. As soon as you suspect damage to your foundation, your first step should be to have your plumbing and piping inspected by a professional plumber. This will help the contractors you hire repair your foundation to find a way to repair your home.


The cost of repairing foundation damage could be very high depending on the extent of damage and the size of your home. . A typical home with moderate damage can cost you up to $ 30,000. The cost will include labor costs, the initial visit from the contractor and the materials used for the repair.

Even though the cost of the repair is very high, it's a cost that you can not avoid. If you ignore the structural damage in the foundation, you are only asking for a potential disaster. The cost of rebuilding a home will be significantly higher than that of repairing an existing home.


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