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What I am about to say will change your life, so listen carefully.

Beauty is not on your face, beauty in your being. Not your body, not your soul, but your actions, your behavior.

When I was growing up, my mother would say to me, "You're kind, you have to love as such, I had no idea what kind girls are doing, or even that I wanted to become one. of time, I grew up to believe that I wanted to be a beautiful beautiful girl.

In my day, beauty was appreciated.Women had to be beautiful.I grew up in Russia.And in Moscow My hometown, women came out to throw garbage without makeup, some even dressed to be beautiful. "Ridiculous" Not at all. "If the standard of society calls for beauty, women are there to respond.

22 years ago, I arrived in the United States, convinced that the women here are just as beautiful.To my disappointment, this was not the case … It is only later that I began to recognize that beauty is in the eyes of the viewer and that beauty can be natural and improved, and that the beauty and youth are powerful motivators.

In my early thirties, I began to interest myself in balance by seeking to prolong the youth and beauty of my body and mind. And here is what I discovered.

We are all beautiful in our magnificence and uniqueness. But the majority of us have no idea what that means. Because it comes with a secret. For this to be true, you have to learn, live, breathe at every moment of your life.

The majority of people prefer to spend their time trying to integrate. Not surprisingly, it's an easier way. Because, when you wear the clothes that others are giving you, when you do what they tell you, when you live your life in the steps you learned at school, or from your parents, you believe in others' beliefs as they are yours. Living according to the expectations of others is an incredibly difficult and unsatisfactory way.

Instead, let me tell you what I found to be true. When I came here to the United States, I tried desperately to integrate myself. But I could not, and I could not understand why I could not. I had everything I needed, I had the conviction to work hard for everything I had, I had it in me and I was always working hard. I had a good education, I came here with a PhD. in architecture, and as if it was not enough MBA obtained a few years later. I've had it all. I worked 14 to 17 hours a day, I reached the top and I became a decision maker on Wall Street.

The inner desire, the discontent with myself, the silent question presents everywhere:

Am I good enough?

I spend years fighting myself, my weight has soared, I have become overweight about 8 sizes from where I am right now.
I felt desperate.

Once in front of the mirror, I tried a new pair of pants that I ordered through a catalog, because I was too busy to go shopping, and as soon as I saw what these ugly image pants, giving me air pregnant, and I was not even in the relationship! I made a decision. I knew something had to change. But what? I succeeded and I recognized that I could not just give up my responsibilities, my money and my obligations.

I hired a mentor, to help me sort through the story, to recognize the belief system to which I am attached, and who I really am. Only to recognize that the scale of my success is leaning against the wrong building.

Courage has always been my positive trait, and I have also relied on it.

When I discovered the methodology with which I work now, I began to recognize that the unique beauty of me is to prevent me from being me. At first, I did not know how to do that. And believe me, this has no comparison to allow you a luxurious spa day!

Being myself more and more, I no longer think in terms "Am I good enough?" I think "Ahhh, another day to be myself!" Being grateful and satisfied in my life has become an essential part of my travel experience. I have known bliss.

When I started living my life from the inside, following my happiness, it opened up a new opportunity to experience my life for me. I hate to feel and see, my body started to sing and literally lose weight. The universe conspired to put me in circumstances where I found love. I started to feel alive.

Doing this job for myself allowed me to start this work with others. Living from the inside, I have attracted more and more people who want me to share what I know. It became obvious to me that I could not remember what I know because it would be unfair and selfish. I have started to teach and mentor those who want more success in many areas of their lives and they pay me, which has made my current job and a comfortable life.

My search for balance while living from the inside changed my life. The balance is aesthetically pleasing integration of the elements in life, ability to maintain physical balance, mental and emotional stability and most importantly, it leads to the aesthetic beauty of being, ability to keep l & # 39; Balance at all times with balance and integrity towards oneself and others. In the end, finding balance in life creates beauty, a space to live life from a position of balance, make better decisions, be clear about its own purpose, Introduce and support an ability to communicate clearly with oneself. in life when things begin to happen, seemingly all by themselves, as in the flow of malleable reality, creating the beauty of what you want.

What do you want?


Source by Morrin Bass

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