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Computers and the Internet have opened up many work opportunities at home that were previously impassable. Some of this work can be done entirely online, others with a combination of phone and computer, and still partially done online.

These jobs can be full-time (sometimes with benefits like insurance), regular part-time or freelance.

I. Know what you are looking for: job or business

To avoid confusion, here we distinguish between a job with an employer or an independent contractor (for self-employment). a share and a being on the other hand an independent business owner working directly for customers and customers of the other.

In the latter case, it is expected that we will provide all the money, equipment, resources, stocks, housing, and so on. necessary or practical to customers and customers to buy what you offer. For example, in a multilevel marketing business opportunity, there may be a membership fee, at least a minimum of business inventory for purposes of business. display, brochures, website extension, training, etc. Or if you own a shoe store franchise, you pay to rent a space and pay wholesale for the shoes you hope to sell at retail price.

This is not what we are talking about. If you are hired as a regular employee or have a contract for an independent project, why would your employer charge a fee on your part as a condition of employment to perform a job for which your employer pays you? Does it make sense? No

II. What Fees for

The reason I mention this is that online, there is a lot of work from home that starts with asking for fees or investments of some kind of start so to make money.

Fees have meaning for independent business owners, not employees … unless we talk about fees for something else.

For example, in the case of Arise.com fame, fees are charged for a background check on the applicant and for training to become accredited in the online and home-based customer service work. A little equipment is also needed, such as a landline and a headset with microphone.

In this way, Arise can assure potential employers that their home-based customer service workers meet certain minimum standards and are equipped for the types of positions that employers want to fill. A lot like paying tuition for a college degree.

You may not want to pay these fees, but at least their purpose is legitimate and understandable.

Among the less reputable companies offering homework opportunities, the purpose of the fees can be hidden … and the promises are great. They promise a lot, take your money, then deliver less than promised … and often, good luck to get a refund.

Other times, fees (as on some job sites) may be to advertise your need for a home job or for training materials or to help make a resume, and these may be useful or not.

III Some "Free" Opportunities

In the first case, take Elance.com, oDesk.com, and Guru.com, each for self-employment. These sites (and others like them) are clear homes that connect people who are willing to pay for the project they want to do with those who are ready and able to do the project. There is a fee for those looking to get paid for the job, but there are less attractive "no cost" membership versions.

Visit Fiverr.com for a similar "no charge" arrangement.

Another idea is to apply for a advertised position for a business site, but ask that it be moved to a home setting. This is not suitable for many jobs, so make sure it is feasible. If you already have the position, it would be easier to know if it could be moved to your home.

An employer might be persuaded if he could pay a lower salary due to the lack of commuting costs and possibly office overhead. You will need to provide a rationale as to why the work could be done at least as efficiently at home. Your employer may need to make special arrangements, such as lending you equipment or granting access to the remote database or paperwork, so think about it as well.

For example, writing (web pages, blogs, manuals, white papers, etc.), computer coding, translation, data entry (beware of scams!) And transcription, sales and tutoring can become home-based job jobs without fresh. But in the end, your creativity and perseverance are the key to success.


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