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A professional first page design is essential to the success of any e-commerce site. Statistics show that once a surfer accesses your site, you have about 8-10 seconds to get their attention. Your design should be designed to encourage the viewer to stay and point to a purchase. Three features of the quality home page design are the logos, the banners and the navigation.

Logos, Banners and Navigation

A logo is an icon that defines a business. When you think of a logo, you can think of companies such as Microsoft, GE, Ford and Pepsi. Your logo should be a simple graphical and textual representation of your company. It's about your icon and should also be simple, clear and sharp.

To design your own fully customized logo, you can purchase software that can help you in the creative process like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

A banner is a combination of graphics and text. Banners can be static or animated and the most effective area for a banner is in the top bend, or the top half of your website. But you should not overdo it by putting banners on your site because it can download more slowly. s pc. Visitors do NOT want to wait more than a few seconds to load a site.

Depending on the type of site you have, navigating a site can be very different. However, there are standards that will work on any site. Navigating to the left or right and / or navigating upwards is always a safe design.


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