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Paper Mario 2 (also known as Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) is a Nintendo GameCube game, released in the summer of 2004. It is the sequel to the hugely popular and influential Paper Mario, which was made for Nintendo 64. The game is different from most Super Mario games, in that it's not a platform video game, but an RPG (role play) , with a turn-based combat system. # 39; s. Also, as suggested by the name of the game, you play a paper version of Mario that can, at different times of the game, turn into different forms, such as a boat, a roll or a paper plane. This gives the game a unique and cool edge, and is part of what makes a review of Paper Mario 2 so fun.

For this presentation of Mario 2 Paper, I'm going to focus on the unlocking and secrets of the game. There are four different unlockable mini-games that can be played by completing some side quests. To unlock the game Boat Parlor, you must complete the "I must have this book". side quest completely. For the Airplane mini-game you will need to complete the & # 39; Try and find me! & # 39; quest. For the Paper parlor game, you must complete the menu "Save my Daddy!" & # 39; Side quest, and finally, for the Tube Lounge game, you will need to complete the important thing! & # 39; secondary quest. These are the best items to unlock in the game, and they are what I suggest you focus on unlocking.

For people struggling to earn a lot of coins, there is a technique of Paper Solo Paper 2 that you can use to get rich quickly (in the game, of course!). To do this, you must first buy as many sleeping sheep. as you can at the Toad Bros. shop, then bring them to the Petalburg store where you can sell them, with a profit of two pieces per sheep!


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