Pigeon Nest Boxes – Simple Tips To Give Your Birds A Box They Will Love


The pigeon nest boxes are a replica of how our pigeons would live in the wild. Domestic pigeons are descendants of the Blue Rock pigeon; these pigeons normally lived in groups and nested in caves and holes in the cliffs. Our modern pigeons still retain this cavern instinct and we provide them with modern equivalents, in the form of pigeon nest boxes.

Pigeon nest boxes must be spacious, well ventilated and very bright. Unlike most birds, the pigeon does not need total isolation when nesting and prefers to settle when other pairs breed nearby. The size of the pigeon nest boxes must be proportional to the breed.

To help beginners, a cabinet with the following dimensions is ideal for pigeon nest boxes:

The total length of each birdhouse should be about 24 inches. , the height of 18 inches and the depth of about 17 inches. This size of pigeon nesting boxes leaves enough room for parent pigeons and their future offspring. If the boxes are built in sections, they can become a permanent part of the loft.

However, if you want to turn each of the pigeon nest boxes into a separate unit, you have the added advantage of being able to easily install them. removed for cleaning and fumigation. In addition, if space is restricted, you can remove them and leave more room for your birds when they do not breed.

Each of the pigeon nest boxes must be provided with a front panel allowing the birds to enjoy a little privacy, as well as allow you to prevent other birds to enter and interfere with the couple or the young birds.

It is recommended to have a small shelf, about seven or eight inches from the floor of the box, on which to place the nest bowl itself. This gives extra protection to young people when they leave the nest for the first time.

The number of nests in the attic depends on the number of pigeons you keep. At a minimum, you should have a nest for each pair of mated birds, although two boxes for each mated pair are ideal, as this avoids disputes between territorial roosters.

Boxes must be kept closed when not in use. the old cocks will try to build an empire of boxes! If the opportunity arises, these dominant males will claim each box and try to prevent any newcomer from using them.

Newly married couples should be kept and fed in their boxes for several days before being allowed to enter the attic. It is best to bring them back by hand into their nest box each night for a week to ten days afterwards to be certain that they are well established. Allowing pigeons to select their own boxes usually leads to many fights, broken eggs and injuries.

Pigeon nest boxes must first and foremost be comfortable for pigeons: the happier they are, the happier they will be. to be asked!


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