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The '50s are all sexy and yet adorable looks, in clothing, hairstyle and makeup. And since his return, the pin-up look has been mixed with some modern looks, which makes it even more special. Create a simple but intriguing pinup makeup and be ready to charm.

Makeup Base
Like any other makeup, pinup makeup is based on a perfect complexion. This time it should be even more polished, clear skin, so be sure to cover all your flaws. The simplest way would be to maintain healthy skin, eat healthily and maintain a proper skin care routine. By treating your skin, you will also avoid the appearance of signs of premature aging and keep skin looking healthy. In case you have defects to hide, use concealer for circles under dark eyes or any other major skin problem, only to apply the foundation to the entire face. Mix well and finish with a translucent powder to obtain a matte finish. If you have a clear complexion, simply opt for a tinted moisturizer and a translucent powder.

Makeup for the Eyes
For the best make-up for pin-up, go for a light eye shadow to keep a radiant look, or go for darker shades to add dimension and put your eyes in value. Apply the eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. Mark your eyes with a pencil and shape your eyes according to the image you want to get. Start at the inside corner and go through the outer corners of your eyes. Then, use liquid eyeliner to make the line more bold and give the appearance of a cat. This way, you can be sure that the line will be perfectly polished and durable as it has a base. Curl your eyelashes, fill them with false eyelashes if necessary and apply a lot of mascara. In addition, you must set your eyebrows, so that you can get a softer effect for your facial features.

Makeup Lips
For extra-sensual girl pinup girl eye makeup, you can complete the look with bold colored lips. The most classic look would be the hot red lipstick, but you can opt for neon pink tones and up to dark plum to add a modern touch to the interior. Contour your lips to shape them and to avoid smudging, apply the pencil over the entire area of ​​the lips. This will work as a base for lipstick and help you avoid smudging. It will also provide a lasting effect and a polished look. You can also add a little shine, but a simple lipstick will be more than enough to embellish your glamorous lips.

Let's wear this style with pride because it's one of the most sensual and attractive looks of all time. Do not be afraid to wear bold lipstick shades, but try to find one that matches your complexion and personality. Give yourself time to get used to it and check the color in natural light before you buy it.

Pinup makeup is a simple, classic, retro and trendy look that offers the most feminine style to any outfit, in keeping with any personality and any occasion.


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