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I spent years frustrated with my short game, and then my wife gave me a G10 irons game at Christmas. I immediately liked the feel of the clubs in my hands, and the swing seemed natural to me (I had used a set of old cards of different brands, most of which were heavy compared to other golf clubs). I have never been a good golfer, I only played golf a few times a month. But now I have more time and I participate in tournaments with a handicap of 9, and I needed something to help me reduce my shot count. The Ping G10 was the answer!

Now, I'm not saying that these clubs have made me an incredible golfer (they did not do it, because I'm not). But they helped me get a few more yards of my shots and, especially for me, they helped me straighten my strokes (I'm the king of the slice). I feel that I can hit the ball more accurately, which has given me more confidence when I'm swinging. In reality, it prevents me from forcing my technique to get a good swing fast. In fact, these irons have helped reduce an average of 3 to 5 shots every 18 holes up here!

I would recommend the Ping G10 iron game to any golfer who has problems with their short game and who wants to earn better scores. I used to have blisters with my old clubs, but these are extremely comfortable and allow me to gain speed in my swing. I love the big club head and the hitting surface because I think it gives me more room for error and helps level the playing field. I've always been a man at four; but now I am a man of three in some tournaments. If you have problems with slices or hooks, or if you do not seem to have enough pop out of the ball, you should try these clubs. I know that they made a world of difference in my golf game!


Source by Justin Biggs

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