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While the individual style and design of a tattoo remain the most important aspect of your newly acquired ink, the placement on the body closely follows the importance. How and where you view your tattoo will have a factor in the way it is admired.

I first visited a tattoo parlor in the mid-eighties to get my first tattoo, there was not a woman in sight. Both resident tattooists were both (very macho) males, the waiting room was full of an assortment of bikers, military and young people like me.

In fact, I do not remember seeing many women attending my tattoo parlor at all when I started my tattoo trip. All those who walked usually accompanied their male partners while they were inked.

Nowadays, the scene is very different. I was personally tattooed by a very talented female artist. A tattoo studio is no longer a lair filled with male testosterone only. Women have been and will continue to be tattooed in their masses and although the general public has disapproved of it, now it is accepted.

My wife is heavily tattooed. I remember the summer days when we were walking in the local supermarket and attracted the staring glances of young mothers and old ladies! That does not happen anymore, nowadays most of the women I see in this supermarket have some sort of tattoo. Some are more tattooed now than my wife!

I still maintain, as I did in my article on male tattoos, that tattoos are beautiful in most parts of the body, regardless of sex. There are however a few key places that are more beneficial to each genre.

It is also important to remember that men and women are generally tattooed for different reasons. Women tend to have personal tattoos with more meaning behind them, and sometimes feel more comfortable hiding them in unobtrusive places, while men tend to show their tattoos.

So, if we are talking about tattoos on women, which parts of the body are ideal?


Generally a male preference, women now express their tattoos on their arms. Although muscle definition is not as pronounced as on the male arm, the advantage of arm placement is that excessive hair should not be a problem!

I've seen some really fantastic complete sleeves designs on women. I think that's the key, tattoos that flow a long time tend to work better on slender arms rather than on individual models placed on the biceps and forearms.

There is nothing discreet in the arms. People will see it, and probably more often than men because of the difference in clothing that each sex wears.

2. Chest

Breast tattoos have always been popular, especially when placement is at the top of the chest. This area lends itself to smaller designs. Be warned that, again because of the clothes that women tend to wear, this tattoo will be very visible.

3. Head / Face.

You can now have beauty spots, eyeliner and other ideas to improve tattooed image permanently. I have seen this from time to time on women. It's the only facial tattoo I've seen. A tattoo of the head is not likely to be an option as women tend to prefer the hair on their head.

4. Neck.

Another display problem for women but this can be a benefit. It is common to see women placing tattoos on the back of the neck rather than on the side. With the benefit of longer hair this tattoo can be hidden discreetly when it is chosen, or displayed in full glory when the hair is attached.

5. Back

A very popular place for women, the back offers the benefit of discretion if you choose not to show the tattoo. The lower back is more preferable than the low-cut dresses still hid the design. The full back will work according to the design, but it's not unobtrusive and is definitely for the hardcore tattoo fan.

If you opt for a larger design, a popular choice is to opt for something that flows elegantly from one side of the back to another part of the body.

6. Legs

The tattoo of the upper leg is the preferred location of the female body. If offers the benefits of discretion, but can be shown from summer with swimsuits. The lower leg is also popular, as are now the ankles and feet that can be exhibited in summer with the right shoes, or hidden when desired.

7. Hands

I see many of these nowadays, A popular design choice is a form of script on the side of the hands. Let's face it, a woman's hand is much more attractive than a man's hand because she is hairless and often adorned with jewelry and polish.

A small complex tattoo can improve the hand, but it is by no means a discreet location. You must plan ahead and consider what the tattoo will look like in the years to come. The hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body and will suffer from inclement weather. The colors will probably not last long.

There are other areas that you might consider as places for tattoos on women, but the points above cover the torso in general. The important aspects to consider are that if you want to show it, people must be able to see it!


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