Plumbing repairs Homeowners can do – 3 simple repairs


As a plumber, I am well aware of why homeowners are afraid to tinker with their plumbing, mistakes are extremely expensive in case of water damage. There are many simple DIY plumbing repairs (do it yourself) that homeowners are more than able to do with just a few simple tools and a little knowledge.

How to Fix a Running Toilet – If your toilet is running continuously or does not give a good flush when you press the handle, you probably need a new flapper. A toilet flapper is a low cost repair part widely available in any hardware store and can be replaced in less than a minute by unhooking the chain from the handle and overflow tube.

Stop bumping into pipes – Noisy pipes are often a sign of water hammer, which is caused by closing a valve quickly. This is also a simple repair but may require welding skills. Purchase a hydraulic hammer surge arrester at a plumbing store and install it near the fixture in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Wrong water flow from a faucet – Poor pressure or unusual sprays are common symptoms of a partially blocked aerator. A pair of pliers is all that is needed to remove and clean all debris in the vent screen. If the aerator has to be worn, a replacement is very affordable.

Most repairs are fairly easy for the average homeowner with proper tools as long as your will to try.


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