Plus Size Swimwear Tips – How To Choose Flattering Swimwear for Plus Size Women


Two main factors that a plus size woman should know before looking for her new swimsuit in online swimwear stores are as follows:

1 / Know Your Shape:

Pear shape: You have the average size of the bust and shoulders but heavy hips. You should focus more on the top. A plus size swimsuit in one piece with loaded prints or details on the bust would draw the eye up and a plain solid stocking would give your lower body a more mundane appearance. A plus size swimsuit on both sides of the body is also good for camouflaging your belly fat. For women who have big thighs, a boyish cut in one piece would be ideal.

A two-piece swimsuit, such as a loaded-print tankini top and a plain-colored stocking, would also flatter your body. Skirtini is another choice for women with big hips.

Heart shape: if you have a broad shoulder, a big bust and small hips. It's about playing your trumps; you have a big cleavage and you should therefore display this asset. A plus size swimsuit (in one piece) with a wide neckline can be very flattering. A two-piece swimsuit with a halter (which has thick straps for support) would accentuate your best features and a full-size stocking for the cover.

A form of glass of the hour: It is an ideal body. Your height is smaller than your bust and hips. Plus size swimsuits such as tankinis or skirts can be extremely flattering while giving the desired coverage. A gathered top is an excellent choice (because it can be tightened further to reveal a little belly or leave everything to cover everything) and a stocking with full coverage will keep everything in check.

2 / Know Your Body Measurements:

This is the most important factor for choosing a more fitted swimsuit because designers or manufacturers all have their own size. That's why, when you shop online, you see the product's size chart (you may need to click the "Size Chart" button to display the size measures). Also, do not rely on the size of your clothes as it differs from the size of your swimsuit. Take the time to read the size chart and compare it to your body measurements (bust, waist, hips).

If you apply the above knowledge to the purchase of a swimsuit for the new season, you will find that it is easy to choose a flattering swimsuit and good fit in your range large .


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