Polish Christmas Eve and Food for Wigilia Dinner Traditions


Polish Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner (Wigilia)

In Poland, Christmas Eve is a very important night to gather with family, decorate and remember lost loved ones. This night is traditionally called "Wilgilia" (the vigil) and it is a night where people symbolize the expectation of the birth of Jesus Christ (which makes it more important to this day). day as Christmas itself). During the night, the Poles are cooking delicious food as part of the celebration.

Polish Christmas Eve Traditions

On Wiligia, Poles decorate their homes with leaves, ornaments, apples and candles. They also hang " pajaki " (the spider web decorations) from the ceiling, dozynki (colored crowns) on the wall and a fir tree from a beams in the ceiling. Perhaps the most important tradition is the preparation of the table. Traditionally, hay is placed under a white table cloth to symbolize the bed of Jesus in the manger and veil of Mary. The grandmother of the family places hosts ( oplatki ) on the table to symbolize communion. These are usually placed on the best piece of China. When setting up the table, an additional setting is put in place in case a hungry person happens to pass, this is taken from this story of Joseph. Finally, the mother of the family lights candles in the window to celebrate the welcome of the baby Jesus

After dinner, Santa Claus (the Star Man) accompanied by his Star singers Boys visit children and reward them for being good. He brings Star Land gifts to the good kids and chides all the kids who behaved badly during the year.

Traditional Polish Christmas Eve Food

The food prepared on Christmas Eve consists of meatless recipes. The tradition has been adopted by Roman Catholics. They used to fast during the four weeks that approached Christmas Eve and break the fast with meatless meals. They created 13 dishes that represented the apostles of Christ and each dish represented food from all corners of the earth.

  • Forest mushrooms
  • Fruits of the orchard
  • Fish of the lake or the sea
  • Grains of the field

Polish recipes that have incorporated these four items such as barszcz wilgilijny z uszkami (Christmas borscht with uszka dumplings), herring, breaded whitefish, cabbage rolls,

Continuation of the tradition

We understand how it is important to keep the tradition, and some of these meals can be hard to find across the United States. To continue the tradition, you can order these foods on www.polana.com. Polana sells classic gourmet Polish recipes such as mushroom and barley soup, honey spice cake, dumplings and much more.


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