Pools – 6 Feng Shui Tips to make them austere


Pools are a wonderful addition to any home. They create an instant place for fun, relaxation and exercise. In addition, water is extremely beneficial in any landscape. However, in feng shui, swimming pools can often create a negative influence. This is because pools have a lot of energy. This is also because pools are often located at the back of the house, and that is extremely inoperative depending on the feng shui.

Although, there are cases where pools are an advantage for the owner. This includes a pool that is properly sized, shaped and positioned. Some forms of pool and sizes can create problems, such as arrows poison, which are hard points of energy directed at home.

On the positive side, pools positioned in some places can actually benefit the owners. These are pools that are placed according to the flying star. At their best, pools can be positioned to exploit the "star of wealth" – the secret location of prosperity that is related to the direction of the entrance gate.

Look at placing your pool in a propitious place and follow the design criteria of feng shui to make sure your pool benefits from you! Positioned right, the pools can add a huge wealth chance to a home! Otherwise, however, it can be a very negative influence that can harm your wealth. To be sure about your pool, however, consider checking with a feng shui consultant.

The Top 6 Feng Shui Pool Rules

1. Choose a shape that is conducive.

The best shapes for pools are round, oval, kidney or curved. This is because none of these shapes have any hard edges or points that can create a poison arrow effect that square pools often do. Other good choices include octagons and figure-eight.

2. Keep your pool size proportional to the size of the house.

The pools are better if they are not too large. If they are too big for the house, they can "overwhelm" it, giving a lot of negative energy. Better to go with a smaller pool than the one that is too large.

3. Place the pools on the sides of the yard.

If possible, it is best to position the pools on the side of a yard rather than directly at the back. If this can not be taken into account, then try to avoid having a pool that is directly in line with the back center of the house. Pools that can only become threatening, as the water behind you is considered a bad feng shui.

4. The pools that embrace a house bring good luck.

These pools seem to wrap a house or a curve towards the house. These are a good design choice as they do not have hard edges pointing at home.

5. Locate the pools in a favorable area for periods 8 and 9.

Until 2043, the basins should ideally be located in the north, southwest, East, or Southeast


Swimming pools should be mixed with other elements such as metal (labor, pumps, electrical equipment), wood (plants, arbours, gazebos), earth Terraces), and fire (lighting). This ensures that the pool is well balanced and harmoniously incorporated into the landscape.


Source by Kathryn Weber

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