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The most important thing to remember with "business" is that while you want to get people to buy products at home, people who buy your products need a good reason to do so [19659002]. Unique Selling Point), it is highly recommended that if you are looking to position a company, you are focusing on one aspect that makes it far better than any other in the world.

This may seem like generic advice … but it is not. The key thing is that you have to realize how it works. You see, every "company" is there to provide a result in one form or another. Maybe it is to feed someone, to help him lose weight or to improve when he is sick. Companies in all markets provide "value" in a certain way.

The key is to realize how your business is able to deliver value. What is the core of his "secret sauce" – which makes him able to provide users with results that no other company would be able to do. That's really what it's all about.

The trick is to realize what SERVICE you are providing. This service can be any matter. Make shirts, apply make-up or help people use computers for different tasks. The point is the thing you "help" achieve with your service. For example, "Learn Spanish with Computers" or "Bridal Makeup for the 70's".

Most people get lost in the details of the business, whereas in reality it is simply to offer a service. Sort. No matter what the service is, or why people would use it … the only thing that matters is that you are able to provide regardless of who you are dealing with or why.

You will usually find Many people will continue to provide the same service throughout their lives. The big difference is that they will eventually systematize their processes, which will allow them to extend their reach and eventually consolidate some of these systems into "products" that they will sell on the open market.

These products are what you see from a business – but you do not see the underlying work that they did to get to a position where it was needed. This is how many companies end up growing 30% + year by year, despite competitors coming into the space and even creating better products – their underlying service allows them to to progress despite their progress.


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