Pot of gold, no matter who?


Known for the legend that he keeps the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow, the goblin has been a symbol for many things. Some might think that an elf could symbolize wealth, some would even liken an elf to that of a monster that is feared by everyone.

Yet, other eclectic see leprechauns as a symbol of success or hard work, since until now, no mortal was able to get their hands on the pot. controversial gold. But what is happening in the minds of tattoo lovers? What could be the reason for wanting to have a tattoo of goblins?

The tattoo design of the elves is one of the most popular used by many tattoo enthusiasts. Some would even have a fault memory that their first tattoo is that of an elf. Carly, now on her third tattoo, remembers that her first tattoo design was that of a goblin with a rainbow next to her. For her, she represents who she is at this time, a naive young woman and loyal believers in fairy tales.

She realized that her choice of an elf shows only the kind of personality that would soon come out of her, a fighter. Arnold, who recently had a leprechaun tattoo with his fists in the air, concluded the same thing. Faced with a fight and other misunderstandings, I never give in or go back.

The same story goes for our third tattoo enthusiast, Bart, a cancer survivor. "My tattoo leprechaun goes more than the wonderful," he said. "I've survived cancer, I'm a fighter and now I'm at the end of the rainbow enjoying my share of the pot of gold."


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