Pregnancy Acne Treatment – How to Manage Acne During Pregnancy


Many pregnant women struggle with acne during pregnancy. The causes are twofold:

1: Hormones are a big part of pregnancy, and a major cause of acne, so often pregnancy and acne go hand in hand. Often, women can have one of the worst acne during pregnancy caused by the multitude of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Even if they have never had bad acne, facial or other, they will often have very bad acne during their first trimester.

2: Many do not know which treatments to use to ensure the safety of the baby. Trying to figure out how to get rid of bad acne during pregnancy is a jungle to navigate on your own. This article hopes to chart a clear way to overcome acne during pregnancy, but always check with your doctor if you have any issues.

So, first of all the good news. As your pregnancy progresses, your acne will likely improve too, as it is during the first trimester that it is a major problem. After that, high levels of estrogen usually protect against this. This does not mean that acne should be accepted as part of the agreement for the first half of your pregnancy because you may end up with bad acne scars if you do not have acne. are not proactive in your treatment. We have all seen bad scars of acne. These are usually caused by apathy towards acne, rather than seeking and applying treatments.

So what can you do?

To avoid

Most important to remember, avoid all drugs against oral acne. Also to be avoided are tetracycline, isotretinoin and all retinoids. These can harm your unborn child. ALWAYS protect the safety of your baby first. Doctors sometimes prescribe a medicine called erythromycin, but this can be risky, which is why it is only used in extreme cases. It works by treating the root cause of acne during pregnancy.

How to Get Rid of Bad Acne

Use the active ingredients in creams and gels such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. They are commonly used by pregnant women who suffer from bad face acne to promote skin peeling and as an antibacterial. Although they seem poisonous, they are widely recognized as being a safe pregnancy solution for the treatment of acne.

As we have mentioned, acne during pregnancy will usually disappear with time. If the pregnancy is not serious, it would be best to extirpate it. There are a multitude of natural products that could work as a treatment for pregnancy acne. A friend of mine knew a really bad acne. She had read that antioxidants could be a good treatment for acne during pregnancy, and she was really paranoid about anything that was not natural (and organic).


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