Preliminary Home Design Budget Issues


You just bought the dream lot and now it's time to build the house of your dreams, but you do not know where to start. Maybe you have started designing your home, but you do not know if you have a good design or a functional design and will meet your needs.

One of the biggest problems when building your new home will be money or finances. If you have $ 200,000 to build a house, try to design one that will not cost more than $ 150,000. Most people have $ 200,000 and are designing a house that will cost $ 300,000 to build.

Try to give you a 15 to 40% financial building cushion that you can use for changes or problems that occur during the construction process. I started working once with a budget of $ 400,000 and by the time the job was done, the owners had spent more than $ 625,000. It hurts.

I was only helping the main contractor at work and he did not seem to care about it, any more than the owners, until the work finally reached $ 100,000 of more than the budget. At that time it was too late and they were fighting over finances.

Do not let this happen to you when building your new home. Preliminary design and planning at home is extremely important. It is there that you can stop the money train and get your house built in the budget. If you work with architects, designers or contractors who give you vague ideas, you should find someone who can give you specific numbers.

He explained to them that you are not interested in the raw numbers, you need an exact price before the start of work. If you are not interested in losing sleep, worrying about your home and a home builder, pay very close attention to what I just said.


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