Prepare For Natural, Healthy, Beautiful Skin With Mineral Makeup


Mineral makeup is a great way to naturally brush up skin imperfections. It can even out skin tone and give your skin a healthy glow. The minerals are all natural and ingredients such as zinc oxide are healthy for your skin. Mineral cosmetic foundations, like any other makeup foundation, should be applied to properly prepared skin to make your skin look as beautiful as possible.

Prepare your skin well and your complexion will be fine all day long. In order for your mineral makeup to look smooth in your skin and give you a smooth, natural look, you need to prepare it properly. You should look for a mild cleanser, a toner to regulate the pH of the skin and diminish the appearance of pores, and a moisturizer or a moisturizing primer. A good sunscreen is also essential. The mineral makeup already contains titanium dioxide and some formulas also contain zinc oxide, both of which are excellent sunscreens. The skin should also be exfoliated to keep pores clear and outlets, but hard scrubs should be avoided. The softer, oatmeal-based facial scrubs can help unplug oily pores and are much gentler for sensitive skin. Make sure your primer or moisturizer is completely dry before applying your foundation.

Instead of covering stains or acne with a liquid concealer that can further clog your pores, dab on an anti-acne formula and use a mineral powder cover to hide acne and to absorb the excess of oil. The mineral concealer is ideal for people with acne and rosacea because it provides complete coverage of imperfections while helping to heal and calm inflammations with high levels of zinc oxide.

Without these basic cleansing actions, the complexion of the skin becomes dull and uneven and can not protect itself from the environmental stress that it encounters every day. If you first properly prepare your skin, your mineral makeup will slip and provide you with flawless coverage while protecting your skin.


Source by Marilyn Etzel

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