Prescription Drugs to Help Cure Acne


Prescription drugs to help cure acne are commonly used when other methods have proven ineffective. If you want to know more about using prescription medications to help repair your acne, then read this article to learn more.

Prescription drugs that are commonly used to fight acne are antibiotics. These are prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist. Antibiotics help reduce the inflammation and redness of an outbreak. Antibiotics work by drying acne pustules inside.

Antibiotics are usually administered administratively. For starters, it is common to be prescribed a high dosage. This dosage is then gradually reduced as the treatment progresses. A large number of different broad spectrum antibiotics have been used to control acne. The only way to find out which antibiotics are effective in your case is to consult a qualified dermatologist who can give you the best advice available.

The problem with the use of prescription drugs to help cure acne, especially antibiotics, is that they can become less effective over time. Acne becomes resistant to these drugs and then their effectiveness is reduced. This is usually corrected by changing the antibiotics. Then, when the next antibiotic trial becomes less effective, another is replaced in its place.

Prescription medications to help you heal your acne are usually prescribed to people who suffer from acne over an extended period of time. The commonly prescribed antibiotics are erythromycin and tertracycline. Erythromycin has been known to cause problems of the gastrointestinal tract in some people. Tetracycline is not suitable for pregnant women or young children.


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