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Online marketing is one of the newest areas in which products benefit from a global look and feel. This is a fairly large field that involves many sub-aspects that should be understood to ensure that a product is marketed correctly online.

The main elements of online marketing to understand are the business models that currently prevail. . A total of four models are used by different companies.

The first, known as e-commerce, concerns B2B transactions and B2C transactions. B2B or business-to-business transactions are those that take place between a company and the customer, another company. These transactions are online and are occurring in large numbers due to the number of businesses online.

The second commercial model is that of publishing. The publication of words is a rather misleading term and, therefore, an understanding of this model would be more effective with the mention of the advertising sales activity.

The third business model encompasses the use of prospect-based websites. The process is an online version of lead-based marketing, identifying sales leads being done on a website.

The fourth is known as affiliate marketing where the seller and the manufacturer are two separate entities. The company that creates the product or service generates profits in the form of shared amounts from the profits generated by the companies that sell its products.

Online marketing revolves around these four basic business management models that are totally in the business of online marketing or base this form of marketing on basic marketing that is done offline.

Turnover increases again with the introduction of marketing []. This method has given many facilities, such as a global market, a minimal logistical cost. The investment made only concerns payments associated with the online process and, as a result, companies that qualify as online marketing companies reap the benefits of reduced investment and increased profitability. .


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