Pros and cons of being a tattoo designer


Tattoo designers are one of the highest paying jobs in the industry. However, this is not so easy for a successful tattoo designer. Unless you really have a passion for the art, you can not have much success. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of being a tattoo artist.


Being a tattoo designer has its advantages, especially if you like your profession. It is satisfying to see your creativity bend over the body of someone else. It is interesting to note that people trust you completely in terms of their safety and appearance. If you take your work seriously, you will have a large number of customers following you. Even if there will be competition, you will be able to define your own brand in this niche.

Moneywise, like any other business, tattoo artists have ups and downs. When you have these "high" times, the flow of money is fantastic. And it will be your good money management skills that will help you in the end.

Before becoming a full tattoo designer, you must be an apprentice of an established tattoo designer. Most established tattoo designers like to help young people. You will spend time cleaning and sterilizing equipment or simply helping them to change designs. At first, you will have to create drawings on the leather. Later, you will be asked to work on human skin. This whole process will bring you closer to the world of tattooing.

This is a career that will last a lifetime and will bring you satisfaction. Your self-expression is at its best, and if you give quality work, your customers will be impressed and come back to you.

You meet like-minded people, incredibly artistic and creative people, who will know their opinions but would appreciate that you have the right to be in this industry.


Being a tattoo designer has his share of cons. To establish in the industry as a recognized artist can be a difficult journey. The competition is very high. There are so many tattoo designers that you will be surprised to know, and creating your brand among them would not be an easy task.

On top of that, there are so many expenses to take care of. For example, you must maintain sterilized equipment, you must stock up and maintain equipment, you must get all your drawing and art materials. If you want to be a custom tattoo artist, then you should always look for great designs and either edit them or just practice your own skills by drawing, drawing and drawing more!

While the flow of money can be really good when the business is in full swing, it can decrease during the holidays when people come out of the city. It is at this point that you have to manage your money in ways that support your business as well as yourself. At these times, you would like to ink anyone who comes to your home because business is slow.

Overall, if you want to become a tattoo designer, patience is the key.


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