PS3 disk read error – How to fix PS3 disk read error?


You have a PS3 disk read error? And let me guess, looking for the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to solve this problem, is not it?

This error is due to your PS3 goal. It's probably dirty because of a long period of dust accumulation. So, to solve this problem, it is very likely that you have to open your console and fix it from the inside, but how?

Well, to correct an error like this, you can do 2 things. Either you send your console to Sony, or you solve the problem yourself. But, what is the best option to do?

A couple of tips that could correct the reading error of the PS3 disc

1) Restart your PlayStation 3.

2) Check that there are no loose cables.

3) Disconnect all cables and reconnect properly.

4) Remove the hard drive and put it back in correctly.

Did not these tips correct the PS3 disk read error problem? If not, then you should consider choosing 1 of these 2 options.

PS3 disk playback error Fix by Sony, do or not?

This sounds like a pretty normal option and good no? But, you wanted a fix cheap, fast and easy right? Well, then this option is not your cup of tea. When you do that, you will have to pay $ 150. But, this is only necessary if your warranty has expired.

Also, you will have to wait 4-8 weeks before the console is corrected.


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