Pubic Hair & Body Shaving – A Trend?


It's a fashion, it's a trend. Body shaving is practiced by males and females. Pubic hair removal is also underway, as a natural extension in this trend. Women have been practicing a partial shave of the body for decades now – arms, legs, bikini line. This practice went even further by removing hair from the arms and obviously from other parts of the body where the hair appeared. This can be a continuation of the pubic area going to the navel; it can act of hair around the breast; it can be individual hair or groups around the face.

For women to remove hair has not been questioned and rarely tried – unless the question refers to the non-removal of hair. So we can say that it is normal. Pubic hair removal in women, as in men, is not easy to observe for an obvious reason.

In the recent past, it would have been judged to be very important, and possibly hard connotations would have been placed. Today however, in most circles, it's just a choice. Maybe an excellent choice or a sexy choice – but without additional judgment.

For men, on the other hand, shaving the hair was not considered a mere extension of shaving their beards. The male image wore with it, not only the fact that body hair was normal (which it is) but it was also a reflection of manhood. It probably had more to do with how men saw each other than with the way women saw them. It's also a logical prospect. When men start shaking, it's with a great sense of pride that facial hair will appear – the more, the better.

Women with body or facial hair were not considered desirable.

Nowadays, these pictures are no longer valid. Men who remove body hair are normal and may be desirable. It's simple a matter of choice and attraction. Men and women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some have small hairs, all have pubic hair. Some have a lot of hair.This variety, the spice of life, has an impact on the method that you can use to remove body hair.

For example, waxing hair on the back or thighs is not necessarily the best choice. Plucking pubic hair can be long and painful. So, from these basic examples, it is obvious that not only are there different choices, but also different requirements.

Another point to consider is that, as this trend has developed, a large market has developed and is worth a lot of money; it's a big deal. There is a vast list of alternatives, from beauty shops to specialty centers; from various ingredients, including physical artifacts that can be used, to an impressive collection of competitive products to enhance the experience and control the side effects – creams, lotions and so on.

For a complete exercise in hair removal and yes, pubic hair removal, sometimes the most effective method is shaving. (Ladies, do not try to shave your facial hair.) Although everyone thinks about shaving, it's not perceived as glamorous as waxing or the more alternatives high-tech like lasers and electrolysis.

But again, especially for a full shave and pubic hair removal, shaving (with a razor or an electric razor) becomes the preferred choice of many, including professionals for whom l & # 39; hair removal is a necessity (sportsmen, actors, models). Why? Maybe the answer lies in the fact that shaving is easy to do, does not cost much and you can do it yourself.


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