Pubic Hair Removal – What YOU Need To Know


In recent years, more and more people have been looking into the process of pubic hair removal. One of the main areas of interest is to know if there should be total hair removal or just a shortening of pubic hair. If a person decides to remove their genital hair, how much should one remove? Is total genital hair removal necessary or would the plate be just as good? Should the bikini area be completely free of any hair? Maybe a complete Brazilian wax is the best?

The level at which you go with your pubic hair removal depends entirely on the personal choice of the individual. However, if this decision to remove some pubic hair is taken, then what are the best methods available?

The general opinion of most experts in the industry is that waxing is probably the best method of hair removal. Although waxing can be uncomfortable during the process, the results will leave skin smooth and hairless.

Some benefits with waxing are that it's only temporary, so if you decide that you prefer to have some hair in this area, just let it grow back. Some have noticed that repeated hair removal can sometimes have an effect on the hair that regrows. After repeated epilations, people said that regrowth was thinner and lighter.

Another benefit is that it is very controllable and can be done at home. There are places that will perform hair removal for you but many people feel uncomfortable due to the treated area.

If you decide to use wax as a way to remove pubic hair, make sure you buy the right product for safe use in this sensitive area.

A similar technique to waxing is what is called sugar. Sugar consists of placing a sugar-based mixture on the area. When the mixture hardens, it is rolled quickly from the skin, removing the hair as it goes.

Alternative methods for pubic hair removal are shaving, laser or electrolysis.

Shaving usually gives only short-term results. The hair regrows quickly and because the end of each hair has been cut, it can cause itching and possibly rashes or pain. The other problem with shaving especially if you use an open blade razor is the area in question. Very few people are happy to use a sharp instrument around their most sensitive area !!

Laser hair removal or electrolysis will produce permanent long-term results, but it is a long and costly exercise. If a commitment has been made to permanently remove hair from the pubic area, then this may be something to try. Otherwise, more temporary treatments would probably be better.


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