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Hello everyone, I'm back to submit more information on makeup. I have been busy recently so I do not submit any information recently but I will do my best to post more information on makeup and care on my article.

Agree today I will share with you the goals of makeup and cosmetics used in makeup.

The goal of makeup is to enhance the beauty of the face by highlighting good features and hiding the poorest. The makeup application is an art. It Requires Practice and a Fundamental Knowledge of

· Facial Structure

· The Action of Colors and Their Relationships to Each Other

· Principles of Optical Illusions


1. Foundation – Used as a base for make-up and as concealer and highlighter. It is available in the form of cream, liquid, semi-solid, cake and stick.

2. Face powder – Used to help make-up to adjust. It also gives the face a dull and matte finish. This cosmetic is available in the form of a very fine powder or a compressed cake. The powder form is ideal for professional makeup. Compressed powder is usually available in tablets.

3. Eye shadow – Used to add color to the eye. It is available in the form of cream, liquid powder and pencil.

4. Eyebrow Color – Used to draw fine lines in the eyebrow area. The color of the eyebrows is available as a pencil and compressed powder. The compressed powder is applied with a small brush.

5. Mascara – Used to add color to eyelashes. It is available in cake, cream and liquid form. The types of cake and cream are applied with a brush. Liquid mascara comes in a tube.

6. Red or blush – Used to give the cheeks a soft, warm glow. The reds come in cream, dry, liquid and brush.

7. Lipstick & Lip Gloss – Used on the lips. The color of the lips is available as a stick and cream. Lip pencils are used to draw lips.

I hope that my article is easy for you to understand and that it is clearly explained. If you have any problems or if you have any questions about makeup or skin care, please post it as a comment and I will try to answer all your wishes! =)


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