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With the ever-increasing traffic on our roads, people trying to park 4x4s etc. in seemingly smaller car parks, it's no surprise that our cars pick up small bumps, scratches and scratches. So what do we do, let them multiply and reduce the resale value of our car or do we take action and find a quality body repair center? Finding a good body repair shop is easier than you think once you have more idea of ​​what you are looking for.

Some signs of a quality body repair.

When you visit a body shop where do you start your quest to find quality? The first thing I would like to see is a car repair that they have just done, or if they allow you, take a walk in their store. Looking at the cars in their repair steps, you can tell if the repairs will last.

First of all, when we look at a completed bodywork repair, what should we watch out for? Take your time, let your eyes look at work, does something jump immediately, color is good? If this is not a good start, everything should be natural and intact. Now look at how it was hidden, are there any traces of paint on the rubbers or around the trim, etc.? Lean down and look at the panels, a good body should be flat and without ripples. If it's not flat, it's not the quality, a good guy of vehicle repair should use a sanding block at all times. Take a good look in the paint job, do you see thin stripes or small pinholes? These, if they are present, are called wells or mapping, if they are not present, it is a good job.

Then, look at the overall texture of the painting job, does that all fit? A good body repair guy will try to match the texture of the spray job as close to the original as possible. This can be done by adjusting the pressure of the spray or changing the paint mixture, I know that its difficult but poor quality repairs will affect the resale value of your car. Finally, do not be shy when looking for a job (do not be arrogant or boring either), be curious and ask good questions will gain a good understanding of the type of people you are dealing with. If they are bored and defensive with you, they are probably not good anyway.

If they are good enough to allow you to shop around the store and observe some ongoing repairs, here are some points. Are cars well hidden and dust free inside? Do they use dust extraction blocks and sanders? When looking at denture repairs, the filler should be finished in fine scratches before the application of the primer. The course's body-filling scratches will flow over time, so beware of reptiles that load the primer to seal deep scratches. Check if the body repair shop uses a low temperature bake oven? This is a must if you want the body repairs to last a long time, drying the primers and the paint should be done either in an oven or with an infrared lamp.

I hope these pointers have been helpful. If you want to keep your body in peak condition using a quality body repair shop is essential. Once you find a good one and you build a relationship with them, you are ready for life, my clients are very loyal, even promoting me all their friends and families.


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