Quick Professional Beauty Tips For Today's Busy Woman


If you are ready to make beauty simple, these quick and easy beauty tips are for you. Used by some of the best beauty professionals in the industry, these quick and easy beauty tips will instantly improve your appearance and correct some of the most common beauty issues.

To reduce redness and reduce the size of a stain – soak a cotton ball with visine. Place the cotton ball on the stain, hold it there for a minute. This will reduce the redness. Then, apply a small drop of preparation H on the stain. This will reduce the stain.

For longer eyelashes – use a small makeup brush to dust your lashes with face powder before applying mascara and between the layers.

To minimize dark circles under the eyes – Before applying your foundation, use an orange concealer mixed with your foundation to cover dark circles. Apply the foundation and set with face powder. Avoid using blue or purple eye shadows.

Instant brightening – rub a small point of foundation through the eyebrows and gently rub your eyebrows with an old toothbrush.

To remove wrinkles – After applying your foundation, use a small, thin make-up brush to apply the highlighter directly into the fold of the wrinkle, mix and harden with face powder.

To whiten and brighten your teeth – use lip colors with shades of blue like fresh red, berries, burgundy and wine.

To refresh oily hair – sprinkle baby powder on your hairbrush before brushing your hair.

To avoid bed hairs – before going to bed, paint a drop of the size of a drop of water in your hair.

To remove yellow discoloration on nails – soak nails in any denture cleaner on countertop for 5 to 10 minutes.


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