Rangoli Designs – What is their meaning?


Rangoli designs are made on the floor and the only way to do this is by squatting, leaning or sitting on the floor. Early in the morning, the women of the house bathe and indulge in the ritual rangoli. This provides excellent exercise to the abdominal muscles and arms. More importantly, the process of joining points and lines is quite complicated. So when you make a design, you can not just focus on art. This provides a kind of meditative effect in the early morning and purifies the whole body and mind.

Second, art is a therapy. This is a great way to revive deaf minds and to spread in the body and mind. The realization of a form of art, whether it is music, dance, painting or rangoli, is profoundly satisfying. Happy hormones are triggered in the brain that spread a feeling of well-being in a person. In addition, this form of art enhances creativity in a person. When a woman starts her day by doing a rangoli, her creative juices are triggered and they help her manage her household more effectively. There can be no better way to start than to indulge in an artistic form and Indian culture has naturally created a way to make it happen. So these designs are not only to make your home welcome; They are also meant to purify and energize your body, your mind and your soul.

Third, the mythological importance of rangoli designs can not be subjugated. It is believed that these drawings welcome deities who bring luck, wealth and prosperity to a household. In some ways, this concept can be scientifically proven too. If you bring luck, prosperity and wealth to positive energy forms, the mystery unfolds. This form of art uses bright colors that captivate instantly. When a person visits your home and sees the design at your door, it feels good about art and so the negative energies in it are subjugated. In addition, the use of natural antiseptic materials such as turmeric in the designs spreads positively in the air and keeps negative energies at bay. Finally, there is no ill will due to this form of art, even small creatures such as ants, as they are satisfied and satisfied with the rice flour used to make rangoli. Universal coexistence is promoted.

Symmetrical shapes, beauty and uniqueness of these models bring only kindness in the house. It helps to make rangoli designs as fun. You are encouraged and you feel good every time you see your work of art. This really helps to keep your home happy and positive in its own way. The depth of Indian culture and deeply rooted traditions are amazing. Practicing rituals definitely leads to better health and a happier life.

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