Recommendations for the regular maintenance of wooden terraces


The wooden patios and terrace are a wonderful addition to any home or property that can be enjoyed for most of the year. But if you do not keep your deck properly, it will begin to deteriorate faster, leading to things like deformed planks, wood rot and moss infestations. Not only can this damage make an unattractive bridge, but it can also be dangerous to use. Read on to learn how to properly maintain and repair a wooded patio so you can enjoy your deck or patio year round and for many years to come!

Common Problems with Wooden Decks

It is important to periodically inspect your deck to detect problems so that you can forgive them before they get out of hand, become a danger or end up being very expensive to repair. A small problem can evolve into a major problem over a short period of time, that is why you must remain vigilant with regards to the maintenance and repair of the bridge. Here are some common problems to look for:

Loose Nails – Replace damaged or corroded nails on floors, posts, supports, joists, railings, stairs and more. Hammer all the projecting nails until they are even (or below) the surface of the wood. You can also replace protruding or loose nails with deck screws.

Deformed Floor Boards – Cracked, deformed, broken or raised planks are dangerous. Replace them as needed.

Dry Rot – This type of fungal growth digests wood, rotting it everywhere. Panels include soft or wet floors, musty odors, discolorations, or narrowed floors. Replace immediately after discovery.

Mold and Mildew – Other types of fungal growth, such as mold and mildew, are dangerous for wood decks and patios. In addition, mushroom growth, moss growth, green or black algae, lichen and many others create dangerous conditions for terraces.

Debris – Leaves, twigs, branches, lawn clippings and many others are examples of debris that must be cleaned regularly from decks and patios. The buildup can provide the perfect environment for mold growth, and more.

Patio and Wooden Patio Care

All of the above, and more, should be resolved immediately to maintain a safe and enjoyable patio or patio this summer. Nails should be hammered or replaced with flathead screws, organic growths should be sprayed with an eliminating solution, rotted or damaged floorboards should be replaced or repaired, and debris should be cleaned daily. All this should avoid expensive and dangerous wooden bridge problems.

In order to reserve your deck or deck, it is important to put in place some strategies and tasks that will protect it throughout the year. For example, dry rot can be preceded by painting a layer or two of wood preservative under the bottom of the wooden deck.

In addition, the application of a quality sealant and a deck protector is vital for protection against natural wear and tear. It is useful to know that the immediate replacement of planks with dry rot will prevent them from spreading to other planks. And finally, keep beating your wooden deck with fungal protection to prevent mold and mildew all year round.

Consult a professional general contractor for advice, information, and assistance with deck maintenance and renovation. They retain the experience, knowledge and tools to prepare you and your patio in the early spring!


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