Red ring permanent repair of XBox 360 – do you have 120 minutes for this?


How long does it take for the permanent repair of the red XBox 360 ring? Less than 120 minutes! It is only 2 hours!

As it only takes 2 hours, it is a great option for you if your XBox 360 is out of warranty and you do not want to send it in support and order. wait a month to recover it.

Do not worry, this permanent repair will not require any special tools or anything. You will use common household tools.

This is a safe repair. None of these towel or welding stuff.

The best way to proceed with the permanent repair of the red ring XBox 360 is to get a good repair guide.

Why the guide?

Because you do not want to risk doing anything wrong and ruining your XBox 360 for good! Good guides will show you detailed videos so you can follow and do exactly the steps you need.

You do not have to be an engineer or rocket scientist. The guides present the information so that you, as a player, can repair your XBox.

By way of note, after getting the guide and having your own Xbox 360 corrected, you can go ahead and offer your new services to others. You will be able to use the guide and correct the Xbox of other people who do not work. Or you can even buy broken Xboxes and repair them, then resell them to people at a profit.

Once you get good results at permanently repairing the red XBox 360 ring, you will be able to repair an XBox in less than 2 hours. People were able to finish the repair within 30 minutes!

Which one should you look for in a repair guide?

Make sure the guide has a warranty and has a sample of video that you can consult.


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