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The bedroom is a place in your home where your personality and style can be and should be freely expressed in its interior design. It is a room for your relaxation and your comfort. The interior design of the room should suit the taste of the room owner, and you should not choose a design for your bedroom because of fashion or fashion, or even because it's dictated by your designer. It is important that you choose a model that you like and that you feel comfortable, this should reflect a feeling of rest, tranquility and tranquility. The use of color in your bedroom is very important because the colors invoke different feelings for a person. There are generalizations about the feelings and effects that a color can have on a person, but there are still no fixed rules about it. Our perceptions of colors are often cultural and personal.

Red is known to be a color of aggression, passion, love and anger. But among the Chinese, red is a color of prosperity and good fortune. Since red stimulates the heart rate and increases adrenaline, it is not recommended for people who have difficulty sleeping to use this color for their bedroom. But if you want love and passion to be the main activity in your room, then a touch of red in the walls of your room, adding red artwork or l & # 39; Using red covers, red pillows and red sheets will be best for you. As I said above, there is no sure way to determine how a color can affect our feelings and mood, there are people who feel comfortable in a red room and can find the soothing red color in their room. Hard to relax and rest in a red room. By using the red color in your room, do not need to say that your room will be red everywhere.

Since red is a color that attracts attention, you can simply use accessories, bed sheets, lamps, or simply suspend a red artwork to feel the love and passion that this color clears. Try the red color in your room and you may be surprised by the moods and feelings that will invade you in your room and in your room.


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