Reduce garage door repair costs – 4 great tips for saving money


The timely repair of garage doors is absolutely essential because an open or unlocked garage door is a serious security risk. Repairing the door can often be very expensive. In fact, you should be able to handle most minor problems yourself, reducing the need for professional help. The following tips will help you save a little money on garage door repair costs:

1. Keep the area clean and free of obstacles: The rails on which the door moves may become clogged with dirt and debris over time and must be cleaned often before. The rollers and hinges must also be lubricated with a high quality lubricant. Keep in mind that the track, chain and chain rail should never be lubricated as this will cause dirt accumulation.

2. Realign Sensors: Sensors can easily be misaligned due to frequent use, resulting in blinking. The alignment can be done manually. Problems can also be caused when the sensors are clogged for any reason. Dirt and moisture are common reasons why sensors do not work.

3. Tighten all loosened components: Loose nuts and bolts can cause a lot of noise when the opener is running. Be sure to unplug the power supply from the unit before opening it to make any repairs or you could injure yourself.

4. Adjust the settings for loose springs: the springs loosen over time and the door does not close or open completely. The adjustment of the limit switch helps, but you can also have the springs completely changed. It is best to get rid of very old springs or there will be too much pressure on the engine.

The problems mentioned above are very common but you may find that they are quite easy to manage. You have to go through your garage door and opening mechanism every four to six months to make sure it is in perfect working order. This will help you save a lot on garage door repair costs because you can avoid most major problems that require professional help. Even then, you need a reliable repair technician if there is a problem that you can not resolve to make sure your garage door is in good working order.


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