Reference Marketing for Home Renovation Contractors


In these difficult economic times, it is imperative that home improvement contractors implement a fully operational reference marketing strategy. If they do not, they risk losing thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars in sales and profits.

If designed and executed properly, this reference marketing system will help home improvement contractors:

o Attract a steady flow of willing and eager customers for your most profitable services;

o Give your business a "FAILING ADVANTAGE" by excluding your competition from the best customers and the most profitable markets;

o Build your image as an authority o Take advantage of the freedom to increase your prices year after year, while your competitors must save money to survive;

o Generate a torrent of profitable referrals from • Significantly increase the VALUE and profitability of your business;

o Your customers enthusiastically give you permission to contact them for the future. e)

o Have a 24/7 online for-profit referral marketing system while you sleep, fish, play golf, relax and spend time with your family ; Reduce your workload so that you have plenty of time for yourself.

But with the demands of home improvement contractors to serve their current customers while seeking to find new ones, the reference marketing program that they institute must be all-encompassing and not placing more than work in their already busy schedule. The last thing they need is a reference marketing program that includes a bunch of useless books and textbooks that they have to read, the software they have to install, or huge courses to home that take months to complete. The home improvement sector has the most effective systems to attract, retain and increase satisfied customers. Most home improvement companies are so obsessed with getting new customers that they completely ignore the mine of opportunities with their current and former customers and never consider any marketing program. reference. All of this only exacerbates the home improvement contractors' run for those involved … especially when the economy slows down.

But, home improvement companies that know how to develop long-term relationships with their customers, have an active database of satisfied customers with whom they communicate regularly, and who can rely on their customers to feed their business (and their families and employees), day after day – year after year – even when the economy takes a landfill. Home improvement businesses will succeed with reference marketing.

Many home improvement contractors are throwing thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising because they are in pursuit of this elusive new customer. The truth is, their current customer base – if used correctly through referral marketing – can provide the instant sales and profits they need. The value of a satisfied customer is immeasurable when a properly designed and implemented reference marketing system is put in place.


Source by Brian Kaskavalciyan

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