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Sexy lips are one of the first impressions of women's appearance. Beautiful lips can make your speech more charming. The lips are often considered as a symbol of sensuality. This has many origins; especially since they are very sensitive as a tactile organ and feel pleasantly soft. It has been suggested that female lips are considered sexually attractive because they mimic the appearance and sexual interchange of the vulva lips, and that the lips are there a secondary sexual feature. If your lips are dry, scaly and full of wrinkles, your personality will also be damaged.

In fact, it's so easy to rejuvenate the area around your lips with a proper cleansing method and a simple face massage. That's how to make your lips perfect with all the colors of lipstick!

A Simple Way to Clean the Lips

Just pure water is not enough to wipe the lipstick stain delicately and repeatedly worn on your lips all day long. The particular lipstick removal products, placed on ordinary cosmetic counters are necessary for this task. But if you find the products too expensive to cover your budget, Baby Oil is one of the good alternatives.

Wipe and clean your lips

An easy way to clear the lipstick stain is to moisten the cotton by dropping your cleaning product and start wiping the lower lip, to left to right, from right to left. Repeat with the higher level. Then, turn the cotton over and fold it into a square, use its wedge to clean the niches from top to bottom to get rid of the color of lipstick remaining in the niches. This step can also prevent lips from becoming darker.

Enrich lips with moisturizing products

Lips can not sweat because they do not have sweat glands. They are dry and become easily flammable. Therefore, nourishing products for the lips are highly recommended after the cleaning stage. With a lower budget, you can simply apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly. But if you need to expose to the sun, it is necessary to apply products that protect your lips from UV-A and UV-B rays. The most important thing is that you can make your lips healthy from the inside by drinking a lot of water (about 8-10 glasses a day) and consume all the good nutrition the body needs.

It's time to rejuvenate

Age, stress, insufficient relaxation and dry weather are the causes of wrinkles on the skin, especially at the corner of the lips. Massaging can help rejuvenate the area around your lips as follows:

1) Use the middle finger and the ring finger & # 39; Tips for making a tight circle gently massage your chin to the corners of your lips, starting with lifting your skin in the middle of your chin on either side of your lips. Do it three times.

2) Move the tips of the fingers towards the area around the lips, then start to massage from the middle of the lower lip, make a line up to the corners and lift the corners of the lips. Do it three times.

This massage promotes blood circulation and firms the skin around the lips. You should do it regularly in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed after you finish cleaning and feeding your lips.


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