Relationship Between Acne and Depression


Acne has been ranked among the most common skin diseases in the world. It affects millions of people worldwide, with more skin problems. Although the effects of acne can be easily controlled, many people fail to cope because of lack of knowledge about how to treat disease or misinformation. Many people around the world there before fail to properly treat the skin disorder when it is in its infancy. The resulting effect is that the effects become more pronounced and that the treatment of acne can also take longer than would have been really necessary if the disease had been treated effectively while that. she was still in her early days.

One of the main effects of acne for a prolonged period is the psychological effects that the disease has on the patient. This is mainly due to the fact that acne usually appears in certain places on the body of a person who is usually easily visible. One of the main symptoms of the disease is that it causes acne scars that usually alter the skin tone. Because of the scars caused by acne, a person who suffers from it tends to feel less beautiful. This means that the person will have low self-esteem, which may allow him to withdraw socially.

Negative feelings that result from low self-esteem may be aggravated by the fact that the victim may be mocked. When these factors are compounded, research shows that a person can sink into depression. This is the reason why acne is usually associated with higher suicide rates.

This does not mean that anyone with acne tends to sink into depression. There are cases where people, even celebrities, live with acne for years while continuing to talk about their business with confidence and with success. What really matters is how to treat acne and how it learns to manage the effects of skin disease.

The threat of depression in people with acne is real and, when this problem is not resolved properly, this can lead to unwanted results. This before, it is imperative that one not only looks to treat acne and manage acne, but also to cope with the effects of having the disease.



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