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There are two sources of traffic to any web site; one is through the search engines and the other is without any use of the search engines. Studies have revealed that search engines account for the generation of 80% of traffic to websites. If the site is ranked high on the website, it will receive a lot of traffic, conversely a bad ranking could be detrimental to the traffic and the number of clicks on this site could be comparatively much less.

The ranking of any website URL in the search engine list depends on the algorithm. Usually, search engines do not disclose details of algorithms and factors that affect ranking. Most of the factors that affect the list are now known because of the test and error method used by the designers.

Of all the factors affecting the list, the ability of the search engine spider to easily maneuver or browse the website is a primary consideration.

Search engine spiders consider the text on the web page but never consider the Java script. Now, if a designer has used a lot of Java Script to improve the look of the website, it can seriously have the desired effect on the search engine.

An alt tag that describes the image and that is readable by the spider must accompany the image, because the writing in the images can not be read by spiders. If possible, keywords should be inserted into the alt tag.

If you want the search engine spider to rank the website higher then you have to make its work easy and this is possible by using valid CSS and XHTML codes. If the code is valid, it ensures that the website will get a consistent response from various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Netscape. If the designer wants the best results, use products like Macromedia's Dreamweaver or even code by hand. Invalid coding is usually possible when the designer has used word processors and programs that are not designed for website design.

An online feature is provided by W3C, the governing body of the Internet. With the help of this online feature, one can check the valid CSS and XHTML codes used in web design.

A visit to and validates respectively the XHTML and CSS coding .

Some of the benefits of using valid CSS and XHTML codes are as follows

• It helps make the website attractive
• It facilitates the easy exploration of the l & # 39; spider search engine.
• It allows to display the website on a number of browsers.
• It makes updating maintenance tasks quite easy.
• This helps to minimize the loading time of the website

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