Remodeling for the money


Enjoying big resale with the right kind of kitchen remodeling.

You see it all the time. People say you can get 70% of what you spend in a new kitchen on resale.

For me, this means that you have just suffered a loss of 30% !!!

On a $ 60,000 kitchen, it's $ 20,000.


I want a remodel to bring all the money back to resale and then do more than $$$. An investment by definition is supposed to make money. YES !!!

I want to see the $$$.

The other part of remodeling is to make resale faster. People want great functional kitchens and top quality appliances.

An interior architect I know has told me that I knew all the cheap ways to decorate and renovate. But when designers are often mistaken, it is by decorating and making choices that do not work well for resale. The bonus of good resale is my goal. A truly decorated space can hinder resale. A real estate appraiser once told me that relo companies hate to see the phrase "designer colors". This usually means that they will have to paint the entire house before they can sell it.

Say you work in a kitchen. What to do? The following tips may apply to your entire remodeling project, not just kitchens.

First, think about painting. In any room, it's a single step that can clean it up and give it a NEW and PRISTINE appearance. An expensive custom paint treatment can disable many buyers.

What else does a potential buyer want to see about the color of the painting?

"Oh, that'll be fine with my things," they say, looking at your hard work. Have you seen their stuff? No, you do not have it, so how are you going to make sure that goes with their business?

If it's okay with their stuff, IT MUST BE NEUTRAL IN COLOR! It is also good if the walls are warm neutrals somewhere in the cream, pale yellow, beige or khaki range with white trim. Your own treasures can bring accent color and your own personality, but show restraint.

Cabinets can be architectural. Architecture can bring more strength of design and lasting beauty to a space than decorative objects. Think Shaker. He is almost Zen in his restraint level. It's also a classic design without a lot of decoration and it's easy to look at. What will your cabinets look like if you cut them with a beautiful crown detail and under moldings and cabinet lighting? This serenity is ideal for resale. For resale, the less is more.

In the important task of renovating kitchens for resale, there are five ways to make money when you sell.

1. Reuse the cabinets if possible. There are MANY creative ways to update the cabinets, most of them involving paint. If you really hate the doors, just replace them and reuse the cabinets. For resale, it is better to have them in good condition and without clutter. The new cabinets can cost up to $ 50,000 and can only be MDF. Good old wooden cabinets like those of many old houses can be functional. They often need repairs, but the work you do will make you thousands of dollars.

2. Leave the sink, refrigerator and stove where they are, but buy new ones. Many buyers will see the stove as an object of ego as a luxury car. It is the place to spend money, not too much. Just enough.

3. Replace counters with high quality material like granite in strategic locations. Use something cheaper, but still enjoyable in other areas.

4. Make the floors work with the look of the house. Like cork for the mid-century modern, black and white tile for Victorian, or slate or wood floors for the countryside. Ceramic tiles are big and cheaper than other materials. They are of a very good quality / price ratio.

5. The handles and handles of cabinets and sinks can be updated to current style and expectations. It's like changing your hair in order to avoid looking at your age.

There. Get a great look that does not cost $ 60,000 and requires major work. If you are at hand, you can do a lot of work yourself. If you think you can not, hire a professional. Many vendors of appliances and sinks will make facilities and deliveries for free or for a small fee.

You do not want a potential buyer thinking about doing DIY, but if you do it yourself, he will really save some money and make you proud. I improved at work that many people who claim to be pros. You can also.


Source by Michele Roman

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