Remodeling the House – Are You Considering a Ranch Style?


If you are considering a home remodel in a ranch style, you probably want some of the following features for your home:

  • a simple asymmetric L-shaped, U-shaped or rectangular
  • long, low roof at inclined sprocket
  • large eave
  • large windows
  • open floor plan
  • natural materials
  • decorative shutters and porch
  • attached garage

This may be reliable to provide easily have you the right home to work with. Obviously, you will not be able to make the outside of a two or three story townhouse look ranch style but most bungalows, cottages and Spanish style homes could be adapted.

Similarly, if you are looking to remodel your ranch style home in a different style, this is also possible to the extent reasonable.

Ranch style homes do not need to be walk-in. If you have two levels or you want more space, you can consider a raised ranch style. These are less attractive than one-story homes, but certainly more convenient if you have limited ground floor space for expansion.

When the cost of converting your home on the outside is too much, even for your dream style home, consider remodeling only the interior of the house. Remove some of the interior walls that are not structural (ie supporting the house), replace the floors with the real or faux oak floor and expose the beams of your house if you have them (it is even possible to have false beams in your house). Keep the interior simple and open the plan and decorate accordingly.

Creating your dream ranch style house does not have to be expensive, but there may be areas where you will have to be more creative with the design, structure, and materials that you already have.


Source by Issy Hart

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