Remove Excess Fat & Transform Your Inner & Outer Thighs Using Vaser Lipo Treatment


Some women may feel uncomfortable showing off their legs in public, but legs are often the key to a well-made figure. Stubborn fat deposits anywhere on the body can make it difficult to lose weight even when you are exercising. Women tend to store fat on their thighs, which makes it difficult for them to get a smooth, toned figure, and although the legs may seem relatively thin, the inner and outer thighs may be disproportionate to the rest of the body. 19659002] Many of us have bumps on the outside of our thighs, which can drain our confidence if we want to wear tight fitting clothes that enhance the silhouette. Excess fat on the thighs can also cause friction and painful rubbing. Thighs are a notorious area of ​​the body that tends to store excess fat, which can give the thighs a disproportionate appearance compared to the rest of the legs. This can complicate the task when trying to find pants that will fit perfectly in the upper and lower legs.

With vaser lipo treatment, stubborn localized fat pockets can be successfully removed, improving overall shape. and the contours of your thighs. Vaser lipo treatment can help create a natural silhouette that fits the entire body and gives results without dimples and symmetry.


  • Once the vaser removes fat, it will not return to this area.
  • Vaser lipo is a walk-in procedure
  • Minimum turnaround time and minimum time needed for work
  • Turning your legs into a single intervention
  • A good retraction of the skin is possible

Vaser lipo uses concentrated and amplified ultrasound waves to send vibrations into the targeted fat zone. The practitioner will make small incisions in the treatment area, usually in the natural folds of the skin, and they are usually invisible thereafter. Once the anesthetic solution is injected, the thin vaser probe is inserted into the area to be treated and the ultrasound energy targets the fat cells just below the top layer of the skin. This liquefies the fat cells by breaking them gently before they are aspirated with a cannula.

With Vaser lipo treatment, it is possible to shape your legs as you wish. The recovery times are short and the pain during the procedure is minimal because it is performed safely and non-invasively, without touching the fat cells and without damage.


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