Removing Highlights From Hair


Getting highlights in your hair is a great idea. This brings in you a regular change. But sometimes, once you make your decision and come out of the living room, you hate somehow what is done to your hair.

Well, do not despair, and certainly do not do anything immediately about it. It will only get worse. One solution is to wash your hair as often as you can so that the height is lowered. You can also dye your hair, your natural color. But the raised hair may not catch the same color and so there would be two shades in your hair. If you're confused about which color to use, always go for a lighter shade

It usually takes 21 days for the hair color to go away, but if you do not want to wait that long, go back to your living room and tell the stylist that you did not like what is done. As the highlights there are lowlights, so you can tell them to give you this without the use of peroxide or ammonia and this will only paralyze your hair further.

But if you can wait, you can put different things in your hair to hide the color. For example, scarves, stoles or headbands are very practical. You can put on a little girl's cap when you go out or use a clip that puts your hair together to make your reflections less visible.

If you're doing well and wearing the colors that go with your locks of hair then it will not seem scary. But if you wear a sad face and hate the hair on your head, then it will be even more obvious. So, take it as a lesson in learning and let it go this time.


Source by Jennie Kakkad

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