Renovation Ideas for Multilevel Homes


In the 1970s, two-storey homes were the most luxurious in the neighborhood. By the mid-1970s, 12% of new homes in the United States were split-level (21% in the Midwest), but today they account for less than 1% of new homes. Their climax has passed. The divided levels are not only unpopular, they are actively avoided. Modern homebuyers are commenting on the 1970s retro feel of multi-level homes as well as their clumsy and cluttered amenities. Although they were once appreciated for their low price, the fact that they did not need an excavated basement, and the staggered floors that allow a lot of room to be had. intimacy, homeowners tend to find them today obsolete and dark. Fortunately, there are many remodeling ideas for two-story homes that allow homeowners to open up the space and remove that outdated mood.

Let's start with the first thing you see when arriving home: the allure. Common complaints about multi-level homes include large, distracting garage doors, an unappealing sea of ​​siding and annoying voids between windows. One of the best ways to enhance the attractiveness of a two-level sidewalk is to put the emphasis on entry. If you add a porch, a gantry, an awning, or a closed fireplace to the house, it will attract the attention of the garage and could also add functionality to the home (a fireplace could be a great place for extra storage , a porch gives you the option for benches and flowerpots, etc.). You can also change the treatment of the facade or add skylights on the roof to add a little visual interest.

Two-story houses often partition rooms into small spaces, and most of the time, it's an accepted fact. Unless you want to empty the house completely, you are stuck with the basic layout. However, you have some options. You can remove any unnecessary walls or add an addition to the house. Families love to be entertained in their kitchen nowadays, so an open kitchen that uses an addition at the back of the house is a perfect idea. You can fill the space with more storage, an island or a breakfast patio. And if you're planning an addition, consider adding two levels. As you enlarge the kitchen, you could also make a larger master suite on the floor.

Finally, because these homes often lack light, an easy update is to add windows. Use large windows and consider installing them on both sides of a corner, allowing a lot of extra light. You can also install a terrace with glass or screen walls, allowing the light to penetrate to the back of the house.

Instead of looking for a new home or continuing to mix around your current home, use our home improvement home improvement ideas to update your home and make it more functional and beautiful. You could come to love your eccentric quirky home.


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