Repair Foundation – Foundation of your home moves? – 11 ways to know if your home is safe


The sooner you fix a foundation in motion, the less it will cause damage. Sometimes these problems are difficult to diagnose and repairs to the foundation must be left to professionals on several occasions.

Check the symptoms you have below. Some obvious indicators of basic movements are:

1. Are there any cracks in your base?

2. Do you have convex concrete walls?

3. Do you suspect any type of foundation movement?

Any or all of the above can be a cause of alarm!

4. Do you have floor and wall cracks?

5. Do you notice doors that bind and do not open or close properly?

6. Do you have floors that are not level? Does your Windows bind or not open or close properly?

7. Is there an intrusion of water in your house?

8. Do you have mold growth?

9. Are there any cracks in your outer brick?

10. Do you have cracks in your beams and joists?

11. Are there wood separations either inside or outside your home?

If you feel you need repairs to residential foundations, – you need to act fast! Things could be much worse if you wait. It is not worth while to risk your life as well as the lives of your family members. This type of problem is also not for the "Do It Yourselfers". You are going to want a reputed experienced company. Many times a husband or parent manages well and think that they can go ahead and try to solve it alone. Say NO!


Source by Jenn Stevens

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