Repair Manual for Brother Sewing Machines


Often a sewing machine that stops working is a small thing that has resulted in a loss of sewing time and immense frustration. The best thing to do is to take a little time before you start sewing to check the machine and make sure the machine is working as it can save you time. Brother sewing machine repairs can be done at home and you do not need to take the machine to a repair shop.

The brother sewing machine is a sturdy machine that can withstand years of use it may be necessary to clean and oil well, or maybe a small piece needs to be replaced as the strap. drive or a needle. Brother sewing machine repairs require sewing machine oil, crevice vacuum cleaner, tweezers, white lithium grease, a small flathead screwdriver, and toothpicks. If you have these tools, you can repair the machine yourself.

It takes at least every three to six months for the machine to perform thorough cleaning and lubrication to ensure that the machine runs smoothly for many years. if you do a regular maintenance. Always read the instructions in the machine manual before you start using the machine, as this helps you become familiar with the machine.

The repairs of the machine are not different from the repairs of the machine. Here's how to repair and clean the entire machine:

• The first thing to do is to open all the covers, such as the top and side covers, with a screwdriver. . Put the screws and covers aside making sure that they do not get lost in the process

• Then remove the bobbin plate from the wire and thoroughly clean all openings with the vacuum cleaner. If there are pieces of fabric or thread stuck, use either a toothpick or a toothpick to remove these pieces.

• Loosen all grime between the gear teeth and then lubricate all moving parts of the machine with machine oil and use grease only on the gears.

Once the machine is cleaned and oiled machine and it is ready to be used. Use your manual for repairs to the Brother sewing machine as the manual will explain you step by step what to do when you encounter a problem.


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