Repair of an inguinal hernia without mesh


Mesh is a foreign body. Therefore, its use in inguinal hernia repairs is known to cause all kinds of complications like pain, recurrence, infection, etc. We have developed a new innovative technique for repairing inguinal hernia without mesh. It uses your own muscle for repair and gives a complete cure for the inguinal hernia problem.

A non-ablated band of external oblique aponeurosis is stitched over the weak zone between the muscular arch and the inguinal ligament to form a new solid and physiologically dynamic posterior wall that provides protection and repair. hernia results.

Normally, the patient comes home in a day after surgery and can drive a car and go to the office in 3-4 days. This operation is now being followed in many countries around the world. We are surprised to see the demands of many patients in developed countries seeking this remedy in their country. This is because this operation does not use any foreign material like mesh for repair and so there is no complication that is seen in mesh repairs.

A visit to the Topix Hernia Forum or other hernia forums shows thousands of messages showing the suffering of many patients due to mesh repairs. But still why surgeons from developed countries are interested in mesh repairs is a big question for us. We operated over 1500 patients with excellent results. The patient is operated under local or spinal anesthesia and is freely mobile within a few hours. The patient returns home within 24 hours and begins normal activities immediately thereafter.


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