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A laptop is essential for students and workers. Because of its portability, users can write important documents, connect to the Internet via wireless modems, and even watch movies anytime and anywhere. But without care, this machine may break down, and most importantly, there may be problems with the LCD screen. Here are some tips that can help you troubleshoot the LCD monitor of your laptop.

Is there a problem with your screen? If this is the case, your LCD backlight (LCD) may be broken. The LCD backlight is the light source that gives you a clear visual of your screen. Symptoms of damage to the LCD screen include:

– Dim LCD Laptop

– Flickering Screen

– Low Frames on Your LCD Screen

– No Video Image [19659002] – Faded LCD Laptop

of four parts and are:

– Inverter for Laptop

– LCD Lamp

– Inverter Cable

– Toggle Switch

Damage to the # One of these parts may cause the symptoms listed above. Unfortunately, there is no other way to ensure that any of these parts are damaged without using a tester. Some of the major causes of damage to these parts include the age and excessive use of your laptop. Parts such as the LCD lamp generally last for two years minimum.

Aside from the blacklight, it is possible that your LCD is itself damaged. This problem can be very serious because the LCD is the most fragile and expensive part of your laptop. Symptoms of damage to the LCD screen include:

– Discoloration of your screen

– Appearance of tapes or lines on your screen

Damage to the LCD screen are usually caused by the impacts on your laptop. Remember, the LCD is a very sensitive and fragile equipment. Even the slightest pressure on your LCD screen can cause it to break.

The only way to repair the backlight and the LCD monitor is to replace them. Replacing the LCD screen alone can cost you around $ 250, with the exception of the $ 120 service charge billed by most laptop repair companies.


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