Repair the foundation – The effect of water on the foundations


Water can be the worst enemy of a foundation, no matter if the foundation Is a cast type or a block type. When the drainage of the water flows in the wrong direction (towards the house), it can completely destroy a foundation. The repair of the foundation will be an absolute necessity once the water has carried its toll on a house.

Heaving – The Effects of Water

When water penetrates the soil surrounding the foundation, and does not drain properly, the soil swells, The expansion affects only the soil soaked. Other areas of the soil that remain intact do not swell. The expansion causes the elevation of parts of the house. This elevator is, of course, uneven, as it is only in areas where water has permeated the ground – and this causes the foundations to relieve themselves awkwardly. This elevator is known as "uprising". Cracks and holes in the foundation are then considered as signs of uplift.

Does waterproofing help?

The sealing of a foundation helps a lot because prevention measures are essential Avoiding an expensive distribution of foundations. Downhill falls, slope and proper grading techniques on the landscape, and pumps can all help to keep a foundation.

But waterproofing does not always prevent the damage – heavy flooding of summer and winter rains in spring Cast iron can cause more water To surround the foundations that the sealing techniques can handle. When this happens, the above uprising is often seen, and repairing the foundation is necessary to prevent the house from sinking, sloping and severely depreciating.


There are several complications that can occur when water has affected a foundation. Tilting, tipping, cracks and tilting can result in complications throughout the home. Suddenly, the floors are saggy, and the doors and windows that once slid openly with ease, are now blocked and blocked. This leads to a highly depreciated residential value, and living in the house becomes less inviting.

When to get help

Even the most handy owner can encounter problems sometimes. With regard to repairing the foundation, professional services are often required to ensure that the foundation does not collapse (literally!). Verification of the basement and foundations for cracks, visible seams and holes is a must, particularly after rainfall and during the wettest months when the soil surrounding the foundation is vulnerable to being soaked (consider Spring and summer). If there are small cracks, have them repaired immediately. Large cracks in the basement walls or foundation will require the help of a foundation repair service. No owner should try to repair a foundation alone.

Recovery can be expensive if an owner tries to go alone without the help of a professional and reliable founding repair service. If the person attempting to repair an error or misjudgment of the severity of the problem, calling a professional at a later date will cost much more, as the errors will have to be corrected with the initial problem.

So do not bet at home – immediately contact a professional for an evaluation.


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