Repair Tips for the Garage Door Opener


Garage doors are an integral part of the layout of your home, but unfortunately, most of the time, they are not monitored every time a repair is done. As a result, many people face problems with jamming or locking doors, unjustified door opening or lack of opening.

For glued or stuck doors, they are generally deformed as the door slips and they can be easily repaired without much hassle. Usually, with a simple toolbox consisting of a hammer, a wrench and a few nuts and a screwdriver, you can solve most of these problems by yourself. The irregular opening and closing of the door may be due to a key being pressed in the door opener control or there could be a problem with the door opener circuit which can easily be repaired. But the problem arises when a significant part of it develops a defect, for example the gears of the opener. In this case, a more complex repair is necessary. I hope the following steps will give you a useful insight into repairing and replacing worn gears in your opener.

You can understand if the gear is broken even if the motor is working properly and the torsion springs are intact. These gears, usually made of plastic, are among the most fragile elements of the opener and can be damaged for several reasons: aging, prolonged use without maintenance, unbalance of the garage door or manufacturing defect.

But, with some simple equipment and following the instructions correctly, you can change these gears by yourself.

Above all, you must disconnect the power supply from the garage door to avoid electrical shock and to avoid operating the door while you work on it. Then you must close the door manually and remove it from the pulley to make sure that the door does not accidentally hurt you while you repair it. You are now ready to repair your opener and replace the gears.

Now you need to open the pulley retainer cap and remove the pinion. You can now remove the sprocket chain or belt after spotting and tape it to prevent it from bending and getting dirty. Then remove the end covers, the drive gear, the retaining clip and the speed sensor and also disconnect the engine. A set of nuts keeps the motor on the shaft. You must first remove these nuts. Once you have removed the engine from the driveshaft, you can remove the gear and replace it if necessary. After replacing the machine, you must start reassembling the entire system in exactly the opposite way. Make sure each piece goes to the right place to avoid any additional problems with your garage door. Thus, we see that changing the worn gears is a bit more complicated. Therefore, if you are not very sure to do it yourself, you should call a professional garage door repair service to deal with the issue.


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