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One of the most established home design software on the market is My Virtual Home. Although it may have made its name in Australia, there is no doubt that this program will also be very useful on the coasts of the United States. The latest edition of the program is version 1.8.3 and this time, even more tools and features are offered, which aim to help the user in planning, designing and ultimately in communicating his ideas to entrepreneurs and other professionals

Software Development

It is quite necessary to note that a good number of software engineers who worked on the development of My Virtual Home have a proven track record in the world of gaming software design. This results in a home design software that is filled with keyboard controls and intuitive controls that we find more often in all kinds of PC games.

In fact, it is even possible to personalize one's own newly designed house character much more realistic. In terms of graphics and animation, the game spirit of the developers of this program becomes even more obvious. Advanced graphics and animations even allow users to turn on / off lights, open / close doors and cabinets, or even turn on or off. turn off the air conditioning unit

It's in the details

My virtual home, that is, it pays a lot of attention to detail. For example, users can actually upload their own photos and images and hang them on the walls as art. You can choose from the hundreds of different fixtures available and even make adjustments to their light intensity to see what effect this will have on the room. Not many programs on the market can offer this type of detailed functionality.

Program Outputs

There is no question about the file import capabilities of My Virtual Home – a wide variety of image formats and image types can be easily imported to the program without too much noise. However, some may criticize the export capabilities of this program as being somewhat limited.

Nevertheless, whatever the flaws that it may have in the exporting department, My Virtual Home is able to compensate them in terms of hosting and printing. Parameter capabilities. This program allows design professionals and contractors to access and view their clients' design plans virtually anywhere. Again, this is one feature that is unique to this awesome home design software.


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